3 Misconceptions People Have About Selling Their Baltimore Homes in 2022

The methods for selling a home have changed and made old beliefs about what is required to sell a house have become obsolete. So read on as we explore three of these lingering misconceptions people have about selling their Baltimore homes in 2022. 

Prep Work and Repairs 

One of the people’s misconceptions about selling their Baltimore homes in 2022 is that you have to spend money to make money. Some sellers prefer to avoid the inconvenience of showings. In contrast, others do not have the time, desire, or financial means to do the painting, updating, and all of the work involved to bring a top market dollar for their property. Other home sellers are concerned about the cost of repairs. Alternatively, the direct buyers at CR of Maryland LLC are cash buyers who purchase homes in as-is condition. At CR of Maryland LLC, our direct buyers want you to sell your home for the highest possible profit. So, whether your property is new or like new, or has become run down, at CR of Maryland LLC, our direct buyers will provide you with a comparison to decide which is best for your circumstances. We’ll lay out how much you’d profit from a traditional listing vs. all of the numbers used to reach our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. 

You Must List To Sell

Many Baltimore homeowners think that the only way to sell their home is by listing it on the real estate market. While this is one option, there are others available that may be a better fit for your situation. For example, if you need to sell quickly or want to avoid paying commissions, working with a direct buyer like CR of Maryland LLC may be a better option. Our team of professionals can help you through every step of the selling process, from start to finish. We will handle all of the paperwork and disclosures, so you don’t have to worry about any legal repercussions. Plus, we can close on your schedule, so you can get cash for your home fast – without having to wait for a buyer to be approved for a loan.

The Selling Process is Slow

Another one of the misconceptions people have about selling their Baltimore homes in 2022 is that they will have to wait months before they close, even if they sell reasonably quickly. Some sellers are willing to pay for the convenience of speed that direct buyers like those at CR of Maryland LLC offer as an alternative. At CR of Maryland LLC, our seasoned direct buyers are professional investors who have a solution for all types of real-world problems. For example, a job relocation costs a fortune in holding costs as you wait out the traditional listing process and wait for a buyer and then go through the hassles of loan approvals with no end date in sight. At CR of Maryland LLC, we provide a fast, guaranteed closing date, typically within weeks, that can be at a date that coincides with your plans for moving. 

The bottom line is that the direct buyers at CR of Maryland LLC live and work here in Baltimore, and we care about our neighbors; our goal is to make a deal you’ll feel good about long after leaving the closing table. At CR of Maryland LLC, our policy is full transparency; we take the time to explain the process step-by-step. Why not talk to a direct buyer at CR of Maryland LLC about any hurdles standing in the way of your sale and find out how a direct sale offers solutions. You can rest assured that your direct buyer from CR of Maryland LLC will listen to your concerns and answer any of your questions to your satisfaction. Contact CR of Maryland LLC at (443) 391-7080.

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